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Classes are starting on October 2nd and will run continuously

throughout the year.

Our Fall semester starts with a kick off of some new exciting programs!

  • Master Music Program​

  •       Music Adventure Program: 

    • Piano

    • Violin

    • Viola

    • Cello

    • Saxophone

    • Clarinet

    • Voice

    • Trumpet

    • Guitar

  • E-Learning

  • American Sign Language (ASL group classes)

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Don't have an instrument to practice at home?


No problem! At Piano Academy of Kansas City we are starting a rent-to-practice program, click here to find out more!


"I have had the pleasure of taking lessons from Maya for the past three years. Her teaching style smoothly combines technical growth, music theory, and musical history in an efficient lesson plan. She provides the structure for continued growth, but gives the student input on their development path. I cannot say enough good things about her. She is fun, engaging, and talented! I would recommend her to anyone wanting to learn Piano."


- Eyual Getahun, Overland Park, KS

"Maya is a remarkable talent.  Her prowess at the piano is breathtaking.  She has an unsurpassed knowledge of the piano and its history.  These attributes make her a wonderful teacher.  What makes her a great teacher is her personality.  She cares for her students and she knows how to bring out their best.  She’s been there!  Maya is disciplined and holds her students accountable in a positive way.  She is very patient and understanding of the struggles that students encounter.  She makes you want to be a better student.  I thank my lucky stars that I have Maya as a teacher.  Anyone wanting to learn the piano could not find a better teacher."


- Richard Sturgeon, Lawrence, KS

"Mrs. Maya was wonderful and very friendly. It was not a problem for my shy daughter to open up!"


- Patricia Wright, Kansas City, MO

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