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Note from the Director

Kansas City is a growing cultural center of the Midwest. Piano Academy of KC is in the middle of cultural scene of the city. 


Every one of us has music inside them. We believe that you just have to learn to listen to it! Piano Academy of KC is excited and would be honored to see you in our studios making and sharing your music with us! 


Explore the music with a program that fits your experience and your style of learning. 

- Dr. Maya Tuylieva, Executive Director

While we offer high quiality traditional style of teaching piano, viola and cello through private instruction, Piano Academy is excited to offer Beginner and Intermediate level Group Piano Lessons for children and adults.

Do-Re-Mi Beginner Piano Lessons (group)

Level 1 and 2 - $250/10-week session


Do-Re-Mi Program is fun and interactive program that runs continuously through out the year. They are designed to provide our students with an easy way to feel comfortable at the instrument right away, while having fun. You can jump in anytime through the year, and we guarantee that you will not be lost. Piano study takes place in the state-of-the-art Suzuki digital keyboard lab. The group class provides children, ages 6-15 years old, with the opportunity to learn piano basics in a social environment through ear training, games, theory, technique, accompanying songs, ensembles, performance, and improvisation.


This course consists of 4 levels, 40-weeks total. After completion of all 40-weeks, students can seamlessly transition into our Music Adventure program, where students continue their education by meeting with an instructor one-on-one.

Adult Beginner Piano Lessons (group)

Level 1 and 2 - $250/10-week session


Group Lesson Programs are designed to provide the students with a well-rounded music education and help them to develop skills such as ear training, theory, technique, accompanying songs, ensembles, performance, and improvisation.


This course consists of 2 levels. Each level is offered year-round, therefore, students will be able to start with the group of their level at the beginning of each semester. 

BabySteps Program (group) - $250/10-week session

The Baby Steps Program is designed for children ages 3-4. Baby Steps will introduce the world of music to your toddler in a most interactive and fun way.

Private Lessons (all instruments/all ages) - starting at $117/month


From private lessons, to yearly programs, Piano Academy of Kansas City will find the way to bring the love of music into your life.


Teachers of Piano Academy are highly trained specialists in Piano Pedagogy! The lessons are for all ages and levels, starting with Baby Steps program (for children 3-5 years old) and to Adult Lessons. 


Private Lessons are offered year round. Piano Academy is offering a trial lesson at very discounted price of $25, during which students get to meet their teacher and see if they are a good fit. We will work our hardest to find you or your child with the best style of piano teaching.

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