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Adult Piano Group Lessons 



Bring the joy of music to your life and enjoy getting to know fellow musicians in this beginning class. Learn simple tunes and basic skills of playing piano. Every student plays on their own keyboard in a state-of-the-art Suzuki Piano Lab.


Group Lesson Programs are designed to provide the students with a well-rounded music education and help them to develop skills such as ear training, theory, technique, accompanying songs, ensembles, performance, and improvisation.


This course consists of 2 levels. Each level is offered year-round, therefore, students will be able to start with the group of their level at the beginning of each semester. 

Classes are happening on on-going basis. Contact Us for details
Level I: 

Learn simple tunes and basic skills such as hand position, posture, keyboard topography, reading music and chords. Every student plays on a keyboard in a piano classroom, equiped with the state-of the-art Suzuki pianos. 

Level II:

Build on the skills acquired in Level I. Learn different styles of music and expand your musical repertoire, while continuing to strengthen skills of the piano technique, sight-reading, theory, accompanying songs, ensemble and performance.

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