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FaceTime/Online Lessons

We know a lot of you may WONDER how online lessons work. 

All you need is:

1. Any of these devices: IPad, smartphone, or a laptop with a camera

2. Skype, FaceTime, Zoom or Chime application installed on your device

3. Make sure you are online, so you could receive a call from your teacher

4. Point your camera towards your hands and instrument

6. Have FUN!

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Online Lessons Basics


Video conferencing equipment

In order to participate, you'll need an internet-ready device with a microphone and camera.  Most laptops and smartphones are perfect for this. 


Video conferencing programs

Your teacher will communicate with you directly to coordinate technology for your online lessons. Teachers are each prepared to connect with you via Skype, FaceTime, or a similar video conferencing program. 

If this is your first time connecting this way, it's normal to have some technical difficulties.

To minimize frustration and maximize your lesson time, please prepare in advance by familiarizing yourself with your devices and the program(s) that your teacher offers. For more information about each program, here are helpful links: 

- Skype Support 


- FaceTime (only available on Apple devices)

- Zoom

- Amazon Chime

Making the most of online lessons

- Be sure to position the camera and microphone in such a way that you are well-lit and easy to hear. 

- For most instruments, your teacher will need to see your hands in order to give feedback on your technique. 

- Your teacher may also ask you to send them photos of the music you're using so they can follow along. 

- Video conferencing has an added bonus: your teacher will be able to see where you normally practice.

- They may be able to offer advice they wouldn't know to give in the studio, such as how to adjust your seating at home, improve lighting, and so forth.   


We hope to see you in our studios in person or online

Contact us for your FREE lesson:

Call or Text: (913) 735-9507

Email Us:

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