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FALL 2023

Voice / Acting


Our teachers have extensive experience in opera, musical theater, and religious music. They will help you become the best singer you can be.


In voice lessons you will cover reading music, pitch matching, breath, anatomy of the voice, acting, movement, foreign languages, and music theory on either a beginner or intermediate level. We can shape our lessons to best fit your needs.


We want to help you achieve your musical goals whether they be to strengthen your voice, teach children the basics of music, improve your musicality, kill it in karaoke, sing more confidently in choir or fulfill your dreams of becoming an opera singer. Everyone has the ability to sing and we will help you do it better!

Please call us to schedule your first Free Voice lesson: (913) 735-9507 or send us a message.


Are you a singer, a singing-actor and or actor looking to improve your communication skills? From experience, we know that there is nothing harder than trying to sing well and act well at the same time.


We will work on monologues, scenes, songs, arias, memorization techniques, movement and how to create a character. We help you prepare for auditions, help you create audition tapes and we are here to help you achieve your goals!

Please call us to schedule your first Free Acting lesson: (913) 735-9507 or send us a message.

Call now for a FREE first lesson

(913) 735-9507

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